Travel Adventures

You would be amazed at what our students get up to when traveling - and that's just what they tell us!

Travel is a key component of the Harlaxton Experience and it is interesting to look at some real examples of the destinations and experiences our students have.

Where Do They Go?

We thought it would be interesting to look at some travel statistics for a whole semester. We have never done this before and were amazed at the amount of travel our students do. As these Travel Statistics for the Spring 2006 Semester (pdf PDF Document10kb) show, our students (on average) traveled independently during 4.64 weeks of the semester and on College sponsored trips during 4.97 weeks of the semester. That's a lot of travel, and our statistics err on the side of caution.

What Do They Get Up To?

We have a few students who are willing and able to write about their travel experiences with the specific purpose of publishing their experiences on-line.

You can read these 'journals' on-line at our A Lion's Roar - Harlaxton Student Blog.

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