Counselling and Health Centre

The Health Services staff, in connection with Student Affairs, strives at all times to provide a professional, friendly, safe and secure environment. Ensuring the physical and emotional well-being of students, faculty and staff is a high priority.

Counselling services

The nature of study abroad can result in some stressful situations for students. Culture shock, homesickness, academic stress, relationship issues, and family crises can seem magnified while studying far from home and in a foreign country. The distance from family and friends can feel een great while abroad.

The counsellor is available every Tuesday evening and is free of charge for short-term needs. Students with a need for long-term counselling services should make arrangements through the Dea of Students or directly through the college counsellor. The counsellor works independently with students; all maters are held in strict confience. Students may wish to discuss matters of personal concern such as homesickness, relationship issues, family crisis, and other issues.

Remember, this is a life-changing experience and we want to support you throughout this experience. Student Affairs staff are trained and very willing to help students through stressful times and crisis situations. We also understand that sometimes it is simply easier to talk to someone who is completely removed from your life at Harlaxton.

Health Centre

Without the ease of Walmart over-the-counter medications, brandname medications, and the familiarity of your family doctor, health concerns can cause a lot of undue stress. From the common cold that keeps you down for a couple days to comething more serious, Harlaxton is able to provide quality and friendly service at the Health Centre.

The college nurse is available Monday - Thursday 8.00am - 12.30pm, and she is also available on the occassional Friday class days. She will tend to sick students/faculty, referring them to the college doctor when necessary. The college doctor visits campus Tuesday mornings, but is also available for scheduled appointments should additional services be needed. The doctor currently runs her own clinic approximately 10 minutes from campus.

Students taken ill or injured when the nurse is not available are able to contact Security or Students Affairs staff. These staff members have first aid training and will be able to assist in emergenices.

Concerns Regarding Medication

While the British medical service is still of a high standard, you will find the practices of British and American medical communities can be quite different. Many Americans will find that the British have a slight "holistic approach" when dealing with some conditions. Anti-biotics, for instance, are frowned upon in the UK while Americans and American doctors demand anti-biotics for many infections. Anti-biotics are still available to you. Please check with your doctor for information regarding any pre-existing conditions before arriving in the UK.


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