Undergraduate Programme

The main focus of the centre is our undergraduate programme in British Studies (available at three levels ID H282, ID H382, IDH382H - Honors). The British Studies course is unique to Harlaxton College. It is specifically designed for all Harlaxton students, is written and presented by British faculty and forms the centrepiece of Harlaxton's rigorous academic curriculum.

Lincoln Cathedral - the location of the first of our British Studies field trips

Living History, Building Scholarship:

British Studies provides students with a narrative cultural and political history of the British Isles through a series of interdisciplinary lectures, seminars and field trips. The course helps students make sense of what they see, hear and read while living in a new nation, and to know which questions to ask about Britain's past, present and future. British Studies explains the development of the various countries that make up the United Kingdom, and the changing nature of the often fractious relationship between those countries from earliest times to the present day. Because issues of nationalism have been and remain central to an understanding of global affairs for generations the course's central theme is national identity, it asks and seeks to explain what is Britain, historically, culturally and intellectually - what is 'Britishness'?

British Studies is a challenging six credit course. You will be asked to engage consistently throughout the semester and, in the best liberal arts tradition, there are plenty of chances to shine. Seminar discussion, group and individual presentations offer opportunities to research, debate and analyse. Term papers and essays help develop research and writing skills. In examinations and tests you will synthesise then apply what you have learned. These fundamental transferable skills will help you not only in British Studies, but also as you continue your studies after you leave.

One of the central goals of the course is to help its participants succeed as students. You may not return to the subject matter of British Studies as you continue your careers, but the core academic component of your Harlaxton semester helps you hone some crucial transferable skills. The skills taught and experiences gained at Harlaxton encourage students reflect on concepts of national identity and the challenges that all nations face in an increasingly globalised world. British Studies can offer an important step in achieving a meaningful sense of global citizenship.

The British Studies faculty are committed to helping every student develop as a scholar.

Follow this link for full details of the British Studies Courses (available at 200, 300 and Honors level) including assessment criteria, etc.

Examples from Student Evaluation Forms

  • "It has definitely made me more globally aware. I am inspired to learn more about other cultures as well as learn more about Britain in the future" (H382 student)
  • "VERY GOOD - I feel like I understood where Britain came from so why it is as it is today. I really appreciated this aspect of the course, no matter how difficult it was" (Theatre Management Major)
  • "The team teaching is really good. No matter who my seminar professor was I felt I could go to any British Studies prof and get help. Great course!" (Communications Major)
  • "When you were out and you heard a name we talked about in class and could relate them to what they were talking about, you knew it was successful" (Legal Studies Major)
  • "It was an excellent introduction. I feel I know more about Britain than America now!" (English Major)
  • "I loved this course. Made clear why 'Britishness' is such a complex idea" (Theatre Performance Major)
  • "Interesting, diverse, unique - very well done. Interactive material for all majors" (Mathematics Major)
  • "Every time we travelled and tour guides said we probably wouldn't know anything about a subject we did, sometimes more than the tour guides." (Marketing Major)



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